Response from our Chief Executive Officer

To our friends and our neighbors;

Recently, we decided to close our doors for a few weeks at LPH Pizza Co. before the negotiations with our Landlord over a new lease began. During this time we were looking for a new crew to begin operations in a whole different way. 

After further review, we have decided to discontinue our current lease at the location we were operating. Our decision was based solely on the amount of money it would take to fix all faulty equipment, and upgrades for new equipment. 

I am committed to this neighborhood. This is not a forever goodbye, this is more like, "We'll be back". We are going to spend this downtime to attract investors, and purchase property that has more space so that we can achieve our plan of Pizza + Restaurant + Bar all in one sitting. With this expansion, we can buy brand new equipment that will be reliable.

This is not the path we wanted to take, however, it was the path that made the most sense for us.

Until LPH Pizza Co. reopens, 

Damian Fields